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        Since I am in the 'vulnerable' category of being over 70 years old and a diabetic, I stayed inside with occasional walks around our large yard. I am spring cleaning and catching up on things I meant to do ages ago. I thought of things I had not considered before the virus appeared. One of them being how often we use our debit and credit cards and sometimes how others handle them too. The pen we use to put our pin number into the machine, the pen we use in the doctor's office and so on. I think we can protect ourselves and others by using our own pens and wiping down our cards. 

       The internet has come up with some really good ideas for the sequestered. Children and adults can go online to not only play games but to learn and create  in many areas. Music of course, there are lots of free concerts online and art is also a wonderful idea. There are cooking tips and baking with your family, reading and writing projects if you surf the web. is offering free "Audible" books while the virus is keeping children and adults inside. Of course there's also shopping online! I am restraining myself here! Friends and family call and emailing is easier with more time on our hands. 

       What can we do to help our local restaurants? Remember take out and of course delivery is offered by some of them. We need to keep our local eating places  going during this difficult time. I read that we can also buy gift certificates from them for use later when we return to normal, which is a good idea and something to look forward to!

       Have you received your census form yet? If not it is on the way to you. We have to send them in or go online to do this. If they don't hear from you they will send a census taker around to the house. I heard how important it is to do this when we had a guest speaker at a Chamber of Commerce lunch. If you have questions they are only too willing to talk to you.

       Most businesses are feeling a slow down in their operations. One new endeavor is "Wildwood Academy", a Private School located in Shepherd opening in August 2020 with enrollment options for your 5-12 year old grade student. You can enroll your child for full or part time. Full time is Monday -Thursday and part-time is a choice of Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday. If you are home schooling your child the part time option is meant for you. This school offers all subjects and is spear headed by a certified teacher with three children of her own. Classes will be limited and you can get a discount if you enroll before April 15. Call 936-365-2462 or go to Facebook@WildwoodAcademytx. Email questions to  This is a great opportunity for parents who are looking for private schooling in Shepherd.