Greater Shepherd Chamber of Commerce

Shepherd Chamber of Commerce

P O Box 520, Shepherd, TX 77371


Did You Know?
Yvonne Cones

Shepherd City Council members Amanda Addison, Shannon Bailey and myself, City Secretary Debra Hagler and her staff, Library clerks Linda and Lesly and Deputy Adams tried out the four benches brought to the city by Shepherd FFA. One of the benches will stay outside City Hall, while the rest will be place around the walking trail at the Community Center Park. We are very grateful to those who worked hard to make these benches and send  a big thank you to them all!

Coldspring - San Jacinto County Chamber of Commerce

31 N. Butler St., Coldspring, TX 77331


Shepherd Library held its first class teaching English as a second language. About 15 people showed up for this and all enjoyed the experience. The teacher is Lesly who is one of the Library assistants. Lesly is bi-lingual and a very welcome addition to Shepherd Library. The next class will be on Tuesday October 29 in the early evening. Call the Library for more information at 936-628-3515.

       October 26 is a big day for many organizations! Let me remind you of some of them. Trades Day of course is always a good way to enjoy a walk around Coldspring Courthouse Square. Vendors bring their goods, some hand made like local honey and art work. Others bring jewelry, clothes, garden tools and decorations and so on. This particular Saturday C.A.B.M.A. will hold their Dog Costume Contest on the Courthouse steps. This starts at 1 PM (so you can enjoy food from the local food vendors and restaurants,) and enter your pooch in the contest to win a prize. Of course the most pleasure comes from seeing the dogs in their outfits! I remember seeing this for the first time some years ago and it was amazing how the owners had thought up such imaginative outfits! Call 832-646-9888 for more information. The winner of the 'Scavenger Hunt' will be announced at 1 PM in the same place.

       Fall Festival will be in Old Town Coldspring, 200 Commercial Dr., on this day. San Jacinto County Historical Commission hosts this event which start at 3- 6 PM. Games and a pumpkin decorating contest will feature as well as your chance to look around the Old Town and then wait till 6.30 PM to enter the 'Haunted Jail'. This will be the last night for the 'Haunted Jail' where spooky scenes and ghostly characters people the Jailhouse Museum. This is a fundraiser for the Historical Commission. If you have little ones, come early, since the scariness is toned down till around 7.30 PM. Then those with stronger nerves can brave the eerie night of horror. Call 936-653-2009 to know more.

       I think it is scarier to realize that we are just a couple of months away from Christmas! Gift buying and decorations, cooking and baking and visiting family are on the horizon!