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Yvonne Cones

Coldspring Chamber of Commerce

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             Shepherd High School students celebrated their graduation with a parade this year. They had to forgo their special days of Prom and award ceremonies because of Covid 19 virus but their teachers, parents organizations and many others wanted to give them something to remember this occasion. Shepherd Chamber of Commerce was the official host for the parade but the hard work was done by the parent organization, headed by Ms Rebecca Ramos. Everything went well and the Pirate blue and white colors were very evident by the balloons and decorations used to embellish the vehicles. Our constable, Ray Atchely, remarked that the parade was very well done, everyone in order and well spaced out.

       Regretfully the Corona virus has claimed the regular visit to Shepherd by the Houston Food Bank Food Truck. The City of Shepherd says that there will be no food trucks here until further notice but the Care Share Food Bank in Coldspring is open on Fridays and has been doing a sterling job handing out food to hundreds of people in need. Please call them for more info or go to their web site. Call 936-653-2001. You can also donate to them to help them with their marvelous work helping others.

       Kari Duggar holds her Wednesday Virtual Coffee Club at 10 AM. Kari, of Edward Jones Financial Advisors, talks and answers questions on the stock market and general trends for about 15-20 minutes. Call 1-866-528-2256 then put in the code # 7796989. Kari talks about subjects across the board, for example last week it was about Social Security and when you should start taking benefits.

       Students who applied for scholarships from both Shepherd and Coldspring High Schools will soon be informed who will be the recipients. Because chamber board members are working from home and by computer and phone, it is taking a little longer than usual. Thanks to all students who did apply. The quality of the essays was outstanding as always!                   

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