Greater Shepherd Chamber of Commerce

Did You Know?
Yvonne Cones

 It was scholarship awards night in Shepherd on Tuesday May 21 and both Chambers of Commerce presented scholarships to our graduating seniors. It feels like Christmas when we are able to surprise them with an award which they worked for. Each applicant had to write an essay. All that were received were excellent. But, we had to whittle the number down to three students from each Chamber. Coldspring gave $500 each to Shayla Brown, Juana Guzman and Griselda Lopez. Shepherd Chamber, which incidently had no idea who had been chosen by Coldspring, picked two of the same three for their scholarships. So, $1,000 each went to Griselda Lopez, Juana Guzman and Grace Watson. There were many other groups presenting scholarships of course and the ceremony took about an hour and 15 minutes. People's State Bank for example gave Jace Schrader $2,500 and some students had the whole of their university fees paid!
    Both Chambers hold fundraisers to be able to donate this money. The dues we collect and the funds we raise are part of this community outreach. So, please remember this when we have our upcoming raffle in Shepherd! Coldspring is working on the Wolf Creek Car, Truck and Bike Show to be held in October. They also are having meetings for Christmas on the Square. These large events take a lot of planning!
    Vendors are collecting application forms from the Library or City Hall in Shepherd for our July 4th event. Of course it won't be on July 4th, as is usual it will be held on the Saturday before on June 29. I know some people may not understand why Shepherd Chamber does this. It is a matter of economics. Fireworks held on the 4th cost between twice and three times as much as on the days before. Besides, I think we allow folk to enjoy two Independence Days this way!  
    If you want to sell your goods, collect a form and return it to the Library or City Hall with your check. We prefer each vendor , especially food vendors, do not 'double up', so first come, first served. Inside in the Community Center, we will accept more than one seller of jewelry, clothes and beauty items. Call the number below for more information.
    Congratulations to Robert and Kathleen Matheu on their 50th Anniversary! You may know that Kathleen is on the Executive Board of Coldspring Chamber and is an attorney with an office in Coldspring. Her daughters gave their parents a surprise party at Coldspring Community Center which was a wonderful Brunch and also a total shock to their mom and dad! My husband Gregg told a few corny jokes and Linda Deeter, remember her, our award winning artist, said that I should include some in my column! So, here goes.        "Two thieves stole a calendar. They got 6 months apiece!"
"Why do cows wear bells? Because their horns don't work!" OK, that's enough punny jokes for this week. (They come from a book called "Dad's Jokes".)
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